Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Real Estate

We build PPC campaigns that bring in the right customers, fast!

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Benefits of Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Quality Care

Rest assured that your campaigns are receiving the attention and care your business deserves.

Quality Leads

Get high quality traffic that increases your chances of getting high quality leads.

Quick Results

Get your business in front of thousands of potential home buyers, sellers, or renters, quicker than SEO.


Multiple Platforms & Campaign Types

We specialize in search, display, and video campaigns.  We utilize the following platforms: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Gemini, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

Optimization for Lower CPL

We optimize your campaigns every month to increase your leads while lowering your CPL (cost-per-lead).

Monthly Reporting

We provide you with monthly, detailed reports showing your campaigns progress and ROI, as well as a monthly phone call to go over the details.

Why Use Crown Listings?

There are a lot of PPC companies out there. Why choose us?

Crown Listings professionals have managed over $50K in monthly ad spend, and helped generate 100’s of monthly leads.  We also specialize in PPC marketing for people and companies in the Real Estate profession.  We understand your business, and how to reach your prospects.

Industries We Serve

Property Management

Few Properties, Many Properties, Vacation Rentals, and More.

Agents & Agencies

Individual Agents, Teams, Offices, and Entire Brokerages.

Home Builders

National Home Builders, Custom Home Builders, We Help Companies Of All Sizes!

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