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Benefits of PPC for Realtors and Agencies

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way for real estate agents to reach people at various stages of the sales funnel.

Crown Listings specializes in both Branding Campaigns to help gain awareness, as well as Lead Generation to help you obtain more buyers, and get more listings.  Here are some of the benefits of PPC advertising:

Fast Results!

Unlike organic listings, which must be earned and can take a long time, pay-per-click advertising puts your brand in front of people right away.

We build all of our campaigns with quality score in mind to help ensure your ads are being shown where they are most likely to be seen, and at the lowest cost-per-click.

Quality Leads

When a pay-per-click campaign is set up properly, it targets the right people.  Our experience in real estate helps us better understand your target market, and reel them in to your business.

Types of PPC Advertising


Best for Branding Campaigns. Utilizes static images, animated images, and sometimes interactive images.


Best for Lead Generation campaigns. Search engine marketing allows you to target specific terms of people who are lowest in the sales funnel.


Also primarily used for Branding campaigns. Video is a richer form of media, and tends to leave a more lasting impression.  The two primary video marketing platforms we use are YouTube and Facebook.


12% of Ad Spend/month
  • Monthly Spend - $5,001+
  • Weekly Optimizations
  • Monthly Reporting
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14% of Ad Spend/month
  • Monthly Spend - $2,500 to $5,000
  • Weekly Optimizations
  • Monthly Reporting
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  • Monthly Spend - Up to $2500
  • Weekly Optimizations
  • Monthly Reporting
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