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Home Builder Marketing

Crown Listings specializes in digital marketing for home builders. We cater to both custom home builders, and national home builders of any size.

We understand that there are two main objectives of digital marketing for home builders: Branding, and lead generation.


Branding Campaigns for Home Builders

Branding campaigns usually reach people at the very top of the sales funnel.  These are people who may not be interested in buying a new home yet, but whom you target in order to spark their interest, and revel your brand as an option.  Digital marketing branding campaigns are most effective via display advertising.  Here are a few of the platforms we use.

Display Marketing Campaign Platforms:


Lead Generation Campaigns for Home Builders

Online Lead generation for home builders can be accomplished through many different digital marketing tactics.

Data shows that the two largest sources of leads generated online come from search advertisements (specifically Search Advertising, as opposed to Display Advertising), and organic traffic enhanced by Local SEO.


Search Advertising for Home Builders

Search advertising is more effective than display advertising for lead generation. The reason it is more effective is because you can target people who are in the market to buy new homes.

Search advertising allows you to bid on very specific keywords that pertain to those looking to buy new homes.  Search terms such as:

  • New homes for sale in ________
  • Buy a new home in ________
  • New home builders in ________

These are people that are much lower in the sales funnel, many of whom are ready to buy now.


Local SEO for Home Builders

A longer term strategy than search advertising, Local SEO campaigns yield massive benefits over time.

Similar to search advertising, Local SEO helps your company get found for specific search terms, especially those that deal with people looking to buy new homes.

The difference is that you do not have to pay each time clicks on your website.  Organic listings are earned, not bought.

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