Effective Online Marketing for Million Dollar Listings

If you want to market your million dollar listings online effectively there are a few things that can help tremendously.

I’ve done a lot of online marketing for real estate professionals, and every time I do competitor research it surprises me how many agents out there are getting online marketing all wrong.

Some of the online marketing I’ve seen borders on negligent, and provides little value to both prospects and the clients their supposed to be serving.  However, I’ve also seen some very effective advertising which is what I’m going to share with you today.  Here’s what we’ll be going over:

  • Single Property Website: Your Central Marketing Presentation
  • Online Marketing Platforms, and When To Use Them
  • Driving Online Traffic Through Traditional Media


Single Property Website

Single Property Websites are effective for marketing your million dollar listings for several reasons:

  1. You can purchase a domain specific to the address or name of the residence, making it easy for people to remember the URL. For example: 123Bellagio.com, or HomblyHillsEstate.com
  2. Buyers don’t have to comb through your website to find what they are looking for
  3. You can tailor an online experience that is unique to the property you are selling
  4. You can create a more specific marketing message to be used across various platforms

The first point is vital to the success of your marketing efforts, especially if you want to take advantage of a marketing mix to drive traffic to the site.  For instance, if you want to use a magazine article or advertisement to help broaden your reach, it’s helpful to include an easy to remember URL to direct people to your richer web media which further enhances the buying experience.

Here’s a good structure to follow when building a single property website:

  • Tell a story
  • Accentuate the details: Photography, video
  • Provide a 3D tour
  • Let others boast: Press

Tell a Story

While it’s true that you should tell the story of any property you’re selling, I think it’s even more important (and in some cases easier) to tell the story of your most luxurious high end listings.

When telling the story of the property, don’t just talk about the features of the home.  Instead, highlight the benefits of the home, and if possible shed light on it’s rich history.


Accentuate the Details

Most multi-million dollar listings have awe inspiring features that are worth making more noticeable. These features should not only be captured in your photography and videography, but I’d even label them.  In the case of video, you may even consider adding a script and hiring a voice-over professional to help sell people on those features, as well as highlighting the benefits of the estate.


Provide a 3D Tour

I believe 3D tours increase your buyer pool, because it gives more prospective buyers access to the property no matter where they live. And, while photos and video are a great way to dramatize your listing, 3D tours give people a chance to get a more accurate feel for the home without having to book a flight.


Let Others Boast

There’s a proverb that says “let others boast about you, and not your own lips”.  There is more persuasion in the testimony of others, especially if it’s unbiased.

If you listing is news-worthy you can search out articles that have been written in the past and include a link to them in a section of your Single Property Website.  You can also reach out to new publications and ask them to write a story about your property.


Online Marketing Platforms for Paid Advertising, and When To Use Them

An online marketing platform for paid advertising is a digital advertising system that allows you to showcase your advertisements to its individual audience, or advertising network.

An advertising network may consist of many different websites and applications (apps) which together comprise your potential advertising reach via that platform.

Some marketing platforms, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads, also allow you to place Search Ads on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

When conducting online marketing via paid advertising platforms it’s important to first establish your target market, as this will dictate which platforms will best suit your efforts.  For instance, if you know your target audience is Chinese investors, you’ll want to advertise on Baidu, which is like Google in China.


Platforms by Objective

Some platforms work better for certain objectives than others.  Some platforms will work better for gaining awareness of your million dollar listing, while others will work better for reaching people who are actively searching for a luxury home to buy.

Typically, its best to accomplish both objectives in your quest to sell your listing.


Gaining Awareness

For gaining awareness it’s best to use display advertising.  Some of the more effective platforms for display advertising in the US and some other countries include:

  • Facebook AdsAccording to Daniel Sparks at The Motley Fool, “Facebook is on pace to hit 2 billion monthly active users in 2017.”
  • Google AdWordsAccording to Google, AdWords has over 2 million display network sites in its advertising network.
  • Twitter Ads – Twitter had 320 million active users in 2016.


Active Searchers

While Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and websites are great for gaining awareness, they don’t normally reach people who are actively searching to buy.  For that you need search advertising platforms, where you can bid on keywords that show a specific level of intent.  For instance, someone looking for “homes for sale in Beverly Hills” is more likely to be actively in the market to purchase a home, than someone checking their Facebook feed.  The most effective search advertising platforms depend on country.  Here are some:

  • Google AdWords – Show text ads on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages
  • Bing Ads – Show text ads on Bing’s Search Engine Results Pages
  • Baidu – Largest search engine in China
  • Yandex – Largest search engine in Russia


In addition to paid advertising, you should also use the link to your single property website on real estate market place websites such as Zillow, Redfin, etc.


Driving Online Traffic Through Traditional Media

Sometimes it’s easier to reach your target market through traditional media, such as magazines ads.  However, tradition media is limited in its ability to provide detail and move people further down the sells funnel.  That’s why it’s a good idea to drive people from your traditional ads to your single property website.

As mentioned above, its a good idea to purchase a domain name for the single property website that is catchy or easy to remember.  A simple call to action is all that is needed to drive people from the ad to your website, something like: “Visit HomblyHillsEstate.com to Learn More.”



Effective online marketing for your million dollar listings can be done by using the simple advice stated above.  If you want to add to the list above, or if you have questions about marketing your listing, please leave a comment below.

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Michael Johnson
William "Michael" Johnson is a digital marketer and founder of Crown Listings. He's also a contributor to Inman News, where he teaches real estate agents digital marketing tips.

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