Lead Generation for Property Management

Online Lead Generation for Property Management Companies

Online Lead Generation

Lead generation for property management companies can be done in a lot of different ways.  Because there are many home owners and renters seeking property management services or homes for rent online, it makes a whole lot of sense to develop an online marketing strategy to get those people into your sales funnel.

There are two primary means of lead generation online: SEO, which deals with ranking your website for various keywords; and, PPC advertising which deals with bidding on keywords being used by people who are most likely interested in your services.  We’ll take a look at both in more detail.


Property Management SEO

SEO for property management involves optimizing your website for terms home owners, or potential renters would use when they are shopping for the perfect property management company, or at least gathering information on their journey of finding the ideal property management company.

Optimization uses tactics such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Changes to title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, headers, etc.
  • Continually updating and or expounding upon the information already on the site (and in some cases, rewriting the content altogether)
  • Internal Linking

It also involves activities done off of your site which directly influence your rankings such as, backlinking, posting on social media, etc.

The goal of property management SEO is to get your site raking for terms organically in search engine results pages, also known as SERPS.  Organic rankings, especially those in the top 3-5 positions, and Maps listings, are highly coveted, mainly because when someone clicks on the link to your site it’s free, but also because most people don’t look beyond those positions (though some do).

Some terms, such as “property management companies in <city name>” will get 100’s of impressions (searches) per month, which means a lot of potential traffic to the websites of those companies in the top 3-5 organic positions or top 3 map listings.  The more traffic you get to your website the more opportunity you have on converting that traffic into leads for your business, which is what makes SEO so important.


PPC for Property Management

PPC for property management is like a shortcut to SEO, but much, much more as well. When someone does a search for property management services they don’t see the organic listings first, they see usually about 3 ads.

PPC allows your company to advertise its services in those positions.  The position your ad shows up in is based off of several ranking factors.  One of the most important of those factors is your relevancy score.  Ads that are relevant to the users search, and land on a page that is relevant to the users intent will give you a good relevancy score. How much you bid on keywords will also effect where your ad shows.  I’ll also note that a good relevancy score will help you obtain higher positions at a lower cost-per-click.  It’s like a rewards based system.

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising allows you to show your ads based off of keywords people type into the search engine.  What makes this a huge opportunity is that property management companies can bid on words where there is obvious intent or interest.  Because people are already interested in renting out their home, pay-per-click advertising is ideal for lead generation.


Offline Lead Generation for Property Management Companies

Offline Lead Generation

While the opportunities for lead generation online are vast, and seemingly endless, its not the only way to generate leads for your property management company.  In fact, there is another way that almost bypasses the lead stage and goes directly into the client phase.  What i’m referring to is referrals.


Referrals from Clients

A referral from an existing, satisfied customer is by far the best way to generate new business for your property management company. It requires nothing more than providing a good service for your existing clients.  When you take care of the people whom you are serving, they will reciprocate when they spot an opportunity for your company.


Referrals from Agents

Many real estate agents, especially those who have been in the business for many years and have been successful, will know a lot of homeowners thinking about buying a new primary residence and keeping their existing home as an investment or rental home.  Many of those same agents wouldn’t touch property management with a 10-foot pole!  This makes them ideal candidates for referrals for your company.  Are you developing relationships with the agents in your office and area?


Local Offering Newsletters

While most people throw away what’s commonly referred to as junk-mail, many will at least take a look before they do.  Sometimes people are just curious, other times they’re just board.  The point is that you have an opportunity to show your ads to homeowners at a moment when they are interested in something new.  At the very least, you will be planting a seed in the minds of homeowners who may end up asking you questions somepoint down the line.


Property management companies rely on new leads to stay in business.  What types of lead generation is your company using?  Share your thoughts below.

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William "Michael" Johnson is a digital marketer and founder of Crown Listings. He's also a contributor to Inman News, where he teaches real estate agents digital marketing tips.

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